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Best Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

Best Professional Courses After 12th Commerce in 2023

Congratulation on completing your 12th standard. As you have started the next chapter of your life you all must be prepared for achieving good heights in life but if you have not decided much about your professional field then don’t worry we are here to help you all out as we have the top 10 courses for students who have done their 10+2 from commerce stream.

So the students who all have done their 12th standard in commerce can apply for these courses. Now you all must be thinking about what professional courses are and how professional courses can help you in the future so don’t worry we have all the information about professional courses. 

Professional Courses 

Professional courses are designed to provide specialized knowledge and practical skills in a specific field or industry. These courses are typically offered by particular institutes, professional associations, universities, colleges, vocational schools, and other training institutes.

Professional courses provide you with specialization and skill development in the fields that will help you in your chosen professional path. They allow you by focusing on practical training and providing enrolled students with real-world experience through internships, and projects.

Examples of professional courses include courses in business, technology, marketing schemes, human resource, and many other fields. These courses can range from short-term certificate programs to longer-term diploma or degree programs.

Professional courses are often tailored to the needs of specific industries or professions, and they are designed in a way to help the individual to gain the skills and experience that they will need in those fields. 

The top 10 best professional courses which you can enroll in  after completing commerce from 12th grade are as follow:-

Top 10 Best Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

    1. Cost & Management Accountant (CMA)
    2. Charter Accountant (CA)
    3. Company secretary (CS)
    4. Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF)
    5. Bcom. LLB
    6. Charted financial analyst (CFA)
    7. LLB
    8. Bachelor of hospitality management
    9. Bachelor of Management studies
    10. Bachelor in Mass Media     

1. Cost & Management Accountant(CMA)

Cost & management accountant (CMA) is a professional course with 3 levels named

  • CMA Foundation
  • CMA Intermediate
  • CMA Final
CMA course takes around 3-4 years with average coaching fees of around 1-2 lakh and eligibility for CMA is only passing 10+2.

CMA is a professional who uses its expertise in management accounting to help businesses make calculated decisions. 

The CMA pass rate is 45% so you can guess that CMA is not an easy exam but it is not that hard when you get proper guidance and content that you get by best cma coaching.

Avg income of CMA in India ranges from 3.5 lakhs per anum to 40 lakhs per anum according to experience and expertise.

2. Charter Accountancy (CA)

Charter Accountancy (CA) is a 3-level professional course named    

  • CA Foundation
  • CA Intermediate
  • CA Final

Charter accountancy course in India is a 4-5 year long professional course with a course fee of around 2-3 lakh for 5 years course. A chartered accountant is an internationally recognized financial professional who manages budgets, auditing, taxes, and business strategies for clients. As a CA, you can work for businesses, the government, and individuals. Your job is to provide expert financial advice and help clients manage their funds. 

The national pass rate of CA in 2022 was 25.5% which directly shows that CA is a super hard course but I m sure you all must have heard a proverb that says “Fruit of hard work is always sweet” We can say this in case of CA because avg salary offered to a Charter Accountant is around 7 lakh per annum which increases to 50lakh per annum according to your skills and expertise. 

3. Company Secretary (CS)

CS is a 3-level course named

  • CS Executive
  • CS Professional

The course of Company Secretary in India is a 3-4 year long professional course with a course fee of around 20k per annum. A Company Secretary is responsible for the efficient administration of a company, particularly for ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and for ensuring that the decisions of the board of directors are implemented. Despite the name, the role is not clerical or secretarial.

The national pass rate of CS in India after the new syllabus for module 3rd is 41% which means CS is moderately hard but even an average student can pass the CS exam with the help of good guidance and hard work. and if we will talk about income average income of a CS in India is 6 lakh which can range to 20 lacks according to your skills and expertise. 

4. Bachelor of Accounting and Finance

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance is an undergraduate professional course that has a lot of potentials as its market is booming. 

BAF is a 3-year professional program course with course fees ranging from 20k to 3 lakh varying according to college. This degree aims at professionals who are going to pursue their careers in the fields of investment analysis and management, banking, auditing, consulting, financial management, and many more fields which you can future choose according to your preferences.

To pass BAF under graduation you only have to score more than 55% of aggregates. Now you all must be thinking about expected income so the average income a BAF can get in India is 4-8 lakhs which can range to 20lpa according to your skills and can go upto 40lakh per annum as per experience.

5. B.Com LLB

Bachelor in Commerce and Legislative Law is a 5 year integrated professional course that provides students with BCom. and LLB together in 5 years. The fees of BCom LLB range from 30k rupees to 20 lakh rupees whereas NLU provides these courses for 1.5lakh to 3lakh per annum which shows that BCom LLb is expensive in general as it covers two courses together.

The Bar Council of India mentioned that only students who have an aggregate percentile of more than 45% can get a degree of BCom LLb. By passing BCom LLb you get many choices as you can go to the corporate sector by getting a job as a legal advice or you can get a license from the bar council and work as a lawyer or else you can give an exam for RJS and can get selected as a judge in Indian judiciary service.

Average income from different fields:

1. Legal advisor:-  Income of a Legal advisor ranges between 1.2 lakhs to 14.2 lakhs with an average income of 5 lakhs per annum

2. Lawyer:- Income of a lawyer in India varies so much as it ranges from 3.5 lakhs per annum to 25 lakhs for one hearing. The income of lawyers depends on his/her skills and experience. So without a doubt law is one of the best professions you can choose for your career. 

3. Judiciary exam:-  You can apply for judiciary services after doing a law course which gives you a chance to apply for judge of session courts and state courts. Judge of state courts in India get around 44.50k rupees and in the last job security and respect of Judge is amazing in Indian society. 

6. Charter Finance Analyst

Charter Finance Analysis is a 3-level professional course named:-       

  • CFA Level 1
  • CFA Level 2
  • CFA Level 3 

CFA in India is a 3-level course that takes around 2-4 years for completion of a CFA professional program with course fees ranging from 2.5 lakh to 7 lakh. A CFA per annum. CFA is, In general, a financial analyst makes decisions on how to spend money to maximize profits, be it through stock market investments or mergers and acquisitions

The pass rate of CFA is something around 47% in India and it’s a pretty hard and long course but it’s worth doing this course as the average income for CFA ranges from 4.5 lakh per annum to 22 lakh per annum.

7.  Bachelor of Legislative Laws

LLB is a 3-year degree that you can do after graduation its a  law-oriented degree program “LLB” has been plotted to provide a basic and advanced curriculum in the law field. The program is developed to provide legal professional studies in the mainstream of the subject.

Fees for LLB course in India ranges from 30k to 85k varying from college to college. LLB is a three-year graduate-level course that deals with the various laws of the country such as civil laws, commercial laws, criminal laws, procedural laws, etc. Anyone who wishes to make a career in the field of law can take up LLB after completing graduation in any field. 

A fresher in the field can expect around 3-5 lakhs per annum in the field and don’t worry your salary can go upto 10lakhs to 15 lakhs per annum.

8. Bachelor Of Hospitality Management 

Bachelor of Hospitality Management is a 3-year undergraduate program with course fees ranging from 2.5 lakhs to 4 lakhs per annum but it’s worth doing as a BHM degree has wide career options in India.  

BHM degree eligibility is that you have to pass 10+2 with more than 50%. Basically, BHM does 
career opportunities like food and beverage preparation, housekeeping operations, front office operations, computer applications, business communication, accommodation operation, corporate finance, sales, marketing, public relations, etc, await the BHM graduates. A BHM in India gets around 6 Lakhs per annum on average.

9. Bachelor In Management Studies

BMS is a 3-year undergraduate course with fees ranging from around 1-2 lakhs and it varies according to the colleges for which you will opt. BMS is the best option for those who want to dive deep into the study of pure management.

BMS degree asks for more than 50% in 10+2 from school and BMS provides you with a wide range of career options like:-

  • Marketing Manager Sales Manager Executive Assistant
  • Business Development Manager Finance Manager Operations Manager
  • Teacher Business Consultant HR Manager
  • Account Manager Market Research Analyst Project Manager

The average income a BMS degree holder gets in India is around 3-4 lakhs per annum in starting which increase to 6-7 lakh within 3-year expertise and experience after all, it depends a lot on an individual skills.

10. Bachelor in Mass Media

Bachelor in mass media is a 3-year undergraduate program with courses ranging from around 60k to 2 lakh rupees per annum with an examination cycle of semesters.

The passing percentage of  BMM is around 50% and you can choose many career options after getting a degree of BMM as B.M.M. covers various subjects related to communication and its mediums like newspaper, radio, television, and more in the three-year course spread over six semesters. The average income a BMM can get in India is around 6 lakhs per annum but it can increase to 8 lakhs per annum in around 2-3 years. So without any doubt Degree in BMM is one of the best which you can enroll for.

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